8 Must-Have Tools in your SEO Arsenal

There are a lot of tools to sort through, so we did the hard part for you, and compiled a list of our top 8 resources for content writers and professional SEOs!

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Hello, welcome back. Danni from Surfer here, and welcome to the lesson we like to call: The Syllabus! So, in this lesson we’ve shared a few of our favorite tools, as well as why we love them, and a couple expert tips, tricks and hacks that you should include. Alright? So, let’s get started.

First Up we have the Content editor from Surfer

Who’s it for: Content Managers, content writers, everyone who want to write high ranking content! Why do we love it: it automates a massive amount of tasks which we had to do manually a few years ago. It speeds up the process, and improves the quality of content. Plus it’s fun while marking keywords green! Hack / Tip: Share your Content Editor or work directly in Wordpress / Google Docs!

Next we have Surfer’s Content Planner Who’s this tool for: People who create content strategies or simply are looking for content ideas Why we love it: It's backed with advanced algorithms, machine learning, and years of experience. We love that because it structures content strategy, establishes clusters automatically, and analyzes search intent and keyword difficulty. Plus, we have dozens of ideas on how to improve the tool in the future! So, we’re just getting started. Here’s a tip: Integrate google search console to get Relative Difficulty as well!

Next up we have Surfer’s Audit Who’s it for: Anyone who loves to optimize. And you know what? Everyone should love to optimize Why we love it because it helps pick low hanging fruits to optimize. So you can optimize your content after publishing it. Here’s a tip: Run an audit and get internal linking suggestions!

Next we have Jarvis Who’s it for: content writers Why we love it because it writes your content automatically! It’s not here to replace you, so don’t worry. Just to help you kinda speed up the process! Here’s a Tip: Use content from Outline Builder as a source for Jarvis. Extend content automatically. Integrate Jarvis with Surfer!

Next we have Keyword Surfer Who’s it for: anyone. And everyone. Why we love it because It gives an overview of keywords in a blink of an eye! Here’s a Tip: Run a search, sort keyword propositions by their similarity score to get a list of keywords you can target with the same content piece. The higher similarity score, the higher chances it will work!

Next we have Ahrefs Who’s it for: SEOs, there’s a bit of a learning curve here. It’s little more advanced for content writers or managers. Why we love it: It has a massive database of keywords and backlinks. And we love their marketing! Here’s a tip: Just watch and subscribe to their YouTube channel. There are thousands of great tips!

Next we have Google Search Console Who’s it for: anyone who takes care of domain performance Why do we love it: well, it has the most accurate data about your domain’s performance in Google and we know that’s important Here’s a Tip: Get as comfortable as you can with it and learn as much as you can about Google search console. It’s a really powerful tool which requires some time to understand. We’ll share a resource here.

Lastly we have ClickUp Who’s it for: content managers Why do we love it: it helps organize content management systems with powerful templates and integrations! You can actually share Content Editor links directly in ClickUp’s cards!

Whew. I know that was a lot to take in. So, we’ve made it really easy for you all to be able to access this information. We put it all in one convenient place. So make sure you check out the description so that you can figure out how to get access to this information in a written format so that you don’t have to, well, memorize everything or watch this video all the time. Although, I wouldn’t complain if you wanted to watch the video again.

Either way, we’ve tried to make it easy for you. So, check out the description. Figure out how to download it and you’ll have it all in one place.

I hope this was really helpful. If you have any other of your favorite tools you want to share, you can let us know in our facebook group or let us know in a comment.

See you in the next lesson. Happy Surfing.

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