What's next? + Special offer!



Oh hello! Danni from Surfer, here, and welcome to the last lesson of the SEO writing masterclass. Goodbyes are not my favorite, so I’ll keep this brief! I’ve genuinely enjoyed accompanying you throughout this SEO masterclass journey. We really hope that after taking this class you've realized that although SEO is a science, you don't need to be the late great Albert Einstein to produce high-ranking, top-notch, quality content if you have the right tools, of course. Although we're a team made up of analysts and developers, our goal with this is to help writers... write, and write better, easier and faster. We made this product just for you. So, writers, make sure to tell your managers that Surfer is now a fundamental part of your writing process.
I’ve read every comment and post you’ve shared, so thanks I just want to say thank you for making this experience so interactive. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re talking to an empty room!
So what happens now?
I mean, after all this time together, we’re basically internet bffs, right?
The last thing we want is that after taking (and hopefully passing) this course is that you lose momentum. How do we plan to help with that? While we can’t go and stand outside your house, wake you up with loud music, and shout “S-E-O” from the front lawn, we can make it easy and affordable to use Surfer so thaSt you continue learning this tool and of course reaping the benefits.
Here’s what we propose: try Surfer for 30 days and only pay $1. Yeah, that’s less than a coffee. That’s less than Netflix. Heck, that’s even less than a frozen pizza! But, we hope, and wholeheartedly believe that this tool is worth it. The results really do speak for themselves.
If after 29 days you decide, well, Danni, I’d rather spend my time doing manual keyword research, or that you simply don’t want AI to help make your outlines better, or that you simply just don’t wanna… reach out to our support team. And they can answer any questions, and if you want, they can cancel your subscription. No hard feelings!
All we can do is make this platform available and accessible, and it’s your turn to do the rest. Sign up for Surfer, try it for 30 days for 100 pennies if you’re in the US just 1 dollar! We trust the product we’ve built so much and we know you’ll love it too. In fact, we’ll even include NLP so that you get the full experience!
$1. 30 days. With NLP included as we know it’s super important, you’ll get access to Surfer’s basic plan, get time to experiment, get to know the tool, write tons of content and decide for yourself! I’ll leave all the information you need below!
Our goal at Surfer is to keep evolving, always, and to do that we need to hear your thoughts on what worked, and what could’ve been better. You can leave a comment, you can share your thoughts in the facebook group or you can always send us an email!
This course is finished, but it’s not finished, finished. We plan to add additional modules, add some advanced lessons and continue to fine-tune it all. So, keep an eye out!
Thank you all so much for putting in the work during this course, and I can’t wait for you to start seeing results!!
I’m Danni, from Surfer, and it’s been a pleasure! See you soon! And of course: Happy Surfing!